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My name is actually Floor... Yea... I know... I didn't pick it, but it suits me. In the Netherlands Floor can be a very burly name. So that's why it suits me.


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Uhhh.... Hi!

Posted by TheDanceFloor - June 13th, 2018

Uhm... Hi my name is Floor, which is a crazy name for a person who doesn't speak the Dutch language. Anyway I'm not great with words, @NyanaCreation is much and much better with that, maybe check out her stories? 


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Hey Floor ^^ your trying atleast, and your pretty good with writing. atlleast i think that. you just need to practise and make some friends here and everything will be well @JamesHatfeld helped me alot through that. he was one of my earliest friends and because i talk with him alot i started to write better and better. but the stories i had always a talent for. i am sure with enough practise you will be as good or even better than me ^^ but thanks for mentioning me that is really sweet <3

(i hope that your graduate as well, you got the end results today ^^ and btw i will stay or try to stay positive and i feel alot better )

Thanks! My spelling is okay-ish but im just not that great with writing a lot of words. It's mostly just a few sentences, I probably am not able to write more than two paragraphs or something :)

Hi, hello there!
Your name is Floor? I like it. It reminds me of Florian... met a German historian who was called that, but simply "Flo" to friends ^_^ ...your name also remind me of the French word for flower - fleur. Maybe there a connection? :)

In any case, welcome to Newgrounds! :D
Those two drawings you made are quite interesting. I'll review them in the upcoming days.

Aw, thank you @NyanaCreation ^^
While it *is* true that your grammar has improved a lot over the months, I don't want to take the honor for that (blush) ...one thing is reading what I type, another thing is to remember it, and *that* is all you ;)

I read somewhere that my name did come from flowers, but I'm not a 'girly' or 'flowery' girl myself. Oh well, my parents thought that the name was very powerfull. And thank you for welcoming me to this site!

@NyanaCreation @TheDanceFloor haha i am sure you can you just have to try. if you ever need help with it you know how to reach me ;) btw how is it going further?

im doing great! I'm going to be graduating soon, and so are you I think?

@NyanaCreation @TheDanceFloor @TheDanceFloor yup i hope you have a great time at your graduation. i am sure you will have some fun with your friends ^^

Oh, hi :) you definitely don’t know me, and I know I’m late on this post, but yea, just wanted to say hello

Haha hello to you too! And in Dutch we say "better late then never" soooo.....

@Natcl23 @TheDanceFloor Yea, I guess, and now, I think Nyana is sleeping, probably you too then, but whatever, it’s nice to meet you.

Yea I was sleeping at that time yeah... Nice to meet you too!

Just heard your ECF audio! Well done! It was unexpected, but a pleasant surprise! I'm glad you and Nyana are working together, and that they offered you to join, or that you offered to read their text! ^_^

Addition, after reading your reply to my ECF review:
Oh, I'm indeed surprised to hear it was not recorded in one go. You did a great job with the editing, then :) You said you use Adobe Premier Pro... is it easy and intuitive to use? Or did you have to practice, experiment and tweak it for hours before getting the results you wanted? And is it free? Considering voice acting myself, so what better way to aquire information iis there than asking a VA? :)